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Bamboo Toothpicks
  • The toothpick is made of MAO bamboo and Yellow bamboo raw material,the product passed the strict inspection of the health department. Toothpicks are similar in color, hardness, gloss and specifications more than other similar products……
Bamboo BBQ Skewers
  • Carefully produced and carefully selected, will not affect the feel and use experience due to rough, barbed and other reasons.The steamed bamboo sticks are meticulously crafted and carefully selected, and it is easy and fast to intersperse food……
Bamboo Paddle Skewers
  • Screening from the source to ensure quality, health and environmental protection are guaranteed. After drying, cutting, sharpening and other environmentally-friendly and healthy processes to choose bamboo, make good quality skewer……

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Flag picks
  • made of thick paper, with clear colors, good texture, low color difference, small printing layout deviation, no bending, no folding, neat fit, water-proof, color-fast and Non-staining ink……
Bamboo Knot Skewers
  • More creative than ordinary bamboo picks,not only bring you a natural breath and artistry,but also can decorative the food,show for beautiful, creative, artistic, and natural……
Bamboo Drink Umbrellas
  • Beautiful and elegant patterns, various colors and patterns are matched with different drinks, adding more fun and taste, making it more attractive……
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